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WAMEL Silniki Elektryczne Sp. z o.o. is a Polish company that continues to uphold the best traditions in the manufacturing of electric motors. he origins of the company date back to 1945, when, after the war, Kazimierz Pustoła built the Kazimierz Pustoła Electrotechnical Production Plant.

In 1950 it was placed under public administration and became the nucleus of Warszawska Fabryka Maszyn Elektrycznych WAMEL (Warsaw Factory of Electrical Machines WAMEL) In the 1990s, WAMEL was transformed into an employee owned company under the name Zakłady Maszyn Elektrycznych WAMEL (Electrical Machinery Plant WAMEL) In November 2016 it adopted the current name and working model — WAMEL Silniki Elektryczne Sp. z o.o. (WAMEL Electric Motors Ltd.) .



WAMEL is a well-known and highly regarded manufacturer specialising in the production of DC and AC commutator motors of low and medium power. It manufactures motors with electromagnetic excitation, permanent magnet motors, servomotors and universal motors. WAMEL products are used as propellers in electric vehicles drives, platform trucks, pumps, machine tools, laboratory centrifuges, industrial power tools, electrical drives for low, medium and high voltage switching devices, drives in railway industry equipment, agricultural machinery, apparel and textile industry machinery, wind microgenerators, and many others.

Our machine park, professional engineering and technical staff, high quality materials and components, high reliability and competitive prices sum up to the high reputation that WAMEL products enjoy both in Poland an abroad.

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