DC motors with electromagnetic excitation

Our range of electric motors includes, among others, commutator motors with electromagnetic excitation, the models of which we present to you below. These are DC motors with electromagnetic excitation – series, shunt and series-shunt. What makes them stand out? Undoubtedly, solid workmanship, which has been appreciated by our customers for many years. As a company with more than seventy years of experience in the industry, we have a wealth of experience and build on it, while not resting on our laurels. We are constantly analyzing our products and successively improving the engines we produce. Constantly meeting the needs of the market, we design over the years and put even better products in your hands.
For WAMEL, in addition to the quality of its products, the safety of their use is also very important. We manufacture our commutator motors, which are just DC motors, with protection from IP20 to IP44. They are made with great precision, giving full satisfaction to users. And they are used in very different ways. Among other applications, our products are used to drive electric platform trucks and pumps, but also to drive electric switchgear.
Our commutator motors with electromagnetic excitation are DC motors that vary in power, duty cycle, voltage, amount of current and speed. They also have varying dimensions – length and diameter.

DC commutator motors with electromagnetic excitation
Type Power Work cycle Voltage Current Revolutions Catalog no. Data
[kW] [ – ] [V] [A] [obr/min]
PZSOa 24-85 2 S2-30min 80 33,8 810 085 Download PDF
PZSOb 24-85 2,5 S2-30min 80 40,6 1000 105 Download PDF
PRSOb 24a 2,5 S2-30min 80 40,5 1100 644 Download PDF
PSSO 128a 5,3 S2-60min 80 80 2200 128a Download PDF
PSSO 110-70 0,5 S2-2min 220 3,2 3500 316 Download PDF
PSSOa 110-70 0,5 S2-2min 110 6,5 3500 317 Download PDF
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