DC voltage tachogenerators

DC voltage tachogenerators in built-in design, used as a motor speed sensor or device used in control systems as feedback.

We are the manufacturer of the PATO 78-14 tachometer. The standard design, used in servo motors of our production, has a voltage constant of kE = 31.5V / 1000rpm.

We also offer tachogenerators based on the PATO 78-14, but with windings for other voltages based on customer demand.

Technical data
Parameter Symbol Unit Value Tolerance
Voltage constant KE V/1000min-1 31,5 ±10%
Armature resistance RT Ω 80 ±10%
Armature inductance LT mH 90 ±30%
Load resistance RO 6,8
Max. Rotational speed nmax rpm 4000 max
Voltage asymmetry ΔUa % 1 max
Non-linearity of characteristics ΔUL % 0,5 max
Voltage pulsation W % 1 max
Nursery harmonic pulse. φλ 33
Moment of inertia of the rotor It kgm2*10-6 0,77
Moment of friction MF Nm*10-3 1,8 max
Permissible angular acceleration ε rad*s-2 10 4 max
Temperature lapse kΔt % / OC -0,02 max
Generator weight G kg 0,6
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