Universal motors

WAMEL’s wide range of motors also includes universal motors – always of the high quality that our customers appreciate so much. Universal motors, also called single-phase commutator motors with series excitation windings, can be supplied with DC and AC voltage.
WAMEL brand universal motors are made with IP00 protection. Depending on the customer’s needs and the device in which the product is to be used, we offer enclosed motors, open-case motors or motors for built-in use. Our wide range of products really gives you a lot of opportunities – to choose and use our products. Thanks to this, many of our customers – whenever the need arises – come back for more engines just to us.
Like all WAMEL brand motors, which enjoy a high reputation on the market – this one, too, is manufactured with great precision and is the result of a lot of experience, gathered by our company over many years. It is worth mentioning that WAMEL has been in the industry for more than 70 years, which translates into our vast experience, constantly used in meeting customers’ expectations. Our products are of high quality workmanship and durability. This makes them very widely used. They are found, for example, in: electric apparatus drives – low and medium voltage, tailor slicers, household appliances, medical centrifuges and many others. The different models, shown in the table below, differ from each other, among other things, in dimensions – diameter and length, but also in current value, rotation and duty cycle. They can certainly be seamlessly matched to many devices.

Single-phase commutator motors - universal
Type Power Work cycle Voltage Current Turnover Catalog no. Data
[ – ] [W] [ – ] [V] [A] [obr/min]
KASO 74-35x/8 250 S1 230 2 12000 335/8 Download PDF
USSOa 70-30 230V 120 S2-max4s 230 1,1 14000 329 Download PDF
USSOa 70-30/1 120 S3-63% 230 1,1 14000 331 Download PDF
USSOa 70-30/2 100 S3-63% 230 1,1 6500 332/2 Download PDF
USSOb 94-40 110V 250 S2-2min 110  DC/AC 3,15 DC/ 3,93  AC 6000 323 Download PDF
USSOb 94-40 220V 250 S2-2min 220  DC/AC 1,5 DC/ 1,78 AC 6000 322 Download PDF
USSOb 94-40/11 150 S3-63% 220  DC/AC 1,02 DC/ 1,2 AC 4500 324/11 Download PDF
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